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We are a small community organisation that works collaboratively to support people affected by ill-health, old age or 'disability'. We started up in 2010 - you can read an article we wrote at the time here. Since then our ideas have matured, but not changed. This page briefly describes some of the things that are important to the way we work. If you are more interested in what we do then click here.




Using labels like 'service user', 'carer' and 'professional' encourages people to think about the ways in which they are different instead of the ways in which we are all the same. Most of our work involves supporting people who are commonly described as 'service users' or 'carers' to take more control over their lives by doing things that have more commonly been done by 'professionals'.


Of course all of us have multiple roles; we are parents and children, wage-earners and neighbours. Many of us are health or social care professionals as well as being service users or carers. We know that people who have experienced health and social care services for themselves have a knowledge and empathy that can make them very good at supporting other people. We know this from our own experience from over 4 decades of supporting people in distress.




For thousands of years we have lived in communities where we look after each other if we become sick, frail or distressed. We think this sense of community is a good thing, and needs to be encouraged. That's what we try and do.


In an attempt to drive down costs, politicians from all parties have forced hospitals, charities and community groups to compete with each other for contracts to provide services. This has caused a lot of problems, making some organisations defensive and antagonistic towards one another. We believe we're all in it together, and that we have far more to gain from co-operating than from competing.



In previous jobs in local and national organisations both founding Directors wasted time writing reports that no-one would read, collecting statistics that no-one would add up, and attending meetings where no-one was listening. As well as being pointless and demoralising this was hugely inefficient - the time could and should have been used better.  We are determined not to repeat the same mistakes, which is one of the reasons why we are a Community Interest Company and not a charity.




When charities first began to bid to provide public services in the 1990s they began to lose their independence. Many were subject to 'gagging clauses' which meant they had to get permission from local authorities or the NHS before making any kind of public statement about services. This has sometimes led to changes to services being pushed through without members of the public finding out why. We believe this is unfair and undemocratic.


We are partly political, but not party political - all the main political parties have some good ideas, and all of them have supported some of the worst (like the Private Finance Initiative). Community Glue will continue to speak plainly about the things that are important to people who are vulnerable because of old age, poor health or 'disability'. We will also continue to give a voice to campaigns, organisations and groups that authentically represent people - whether we agree with what they are saying or not.


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