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Suicide Prevention Courses

We all experience ups and downs in life, but for some people the downs can go so low they feel they will never come up again. People can feel that they are alone, lose hope for the future and may experience intolerable emotional pain. Sometimes when people have these feelings they will think about suicide. It is possible for others to recognise these signs, and to give people the help they need to go on living. We provide training that helps prepare people to do this.


Living Works


Research carried out in the 1980s showed that most people who attempt suicide are not in contact with mental health services at the time. This is still true in the UK. Consequently good mental health services on their own are not enough to prevent suicide. Pioneers in the Canadian Mental Health Association realised there was a need for a 'suicide first aid' course, where ordinary people could learn how to recognise the signs and intervene to save lives. Today, LivingWorks in Canada co-ordinates a global network of trainers who work together to create a 'suicide safer community'. Community Glue is proud to be part of this network.


articles: ST_Logo.pngSafeTALK


The 'safe' in SafeTALK stands for Suicide Alertness For Everyone. SafeTALK is a suicide alertness course for everyone who may come into contact with someone with suicidal thoughts and feelings. The course takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours, during which people will:

  • Learn how to distinguish suicidal thoughts from other types of distress.

  • Practice starting and sustaining conversations with people who are suicidal.

  • Find out about local resources to which they can link people.

People completing the course get a workbook that they can use for reference, and a printed certificate from LivingWorks. You can find out more about SafeTALK here.


articles: ASIST_Logo.pngASIST


This is an acronym for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. ASIST is an intensive two-day course that builds confidence and capability to intervene to save lives. ASIST does not use specialist terminology, and is suitable for teachers, police officers and administrators as well as those working in health and social care services. ASIST uses theory and simulations to help people learn how to:

  • Connect with people who may be suicidal.

  • Understand their reasons for wanting to die, and help them find reasons to live.

  • Assess risks and create a 'safe plan' to help people stay alive and well.

ASIST is not a 'qualification', but thousands of people in all kinds of professional roles have said that it helped them to intervene more effectively. People completing the course get a 150-page handbook, stickers and badges, and a printed certificate from LivingWorks. You can watch a short video clip about ASIST here.


If you are interested in putting on a course, or would like us to organise a course for you, then please contact us. Prices vary depending on things like venue and trainer availability, but it is generally possible to train 15 people in SafeTALK for about £25 each, and 20 people in ASIST for about £150 each.


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