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Course Content Sept-Dec 2012

This page contains bits from the course for course participants to respond to. Click here for the full content.

Peer Brokerage Training - First Run

Most people who use health or social care services like to know that the people who are heping them are experts. But there's more than one type of expert. In many cases, people who have used services themselves (or cared for someone else who does) have a wealth of experience and expertise than they can draw upon to help others facing similar difficulties. When the government announced plans for 'Self Directed Support', they knew some people would need help to plan their own care. The role of 'independent broker' or 'support broker' was invented. So far, most people trained as brokers have had previous experience through working in health or care services. We are offering free training to people who have used them. Click here to read more.

Why Did We Start Community Glue?

Images: JonandKeith_S.JPGCommunity Glue CIC was started in July 2010 by Keith Birnie and Jon Hyslop. Keith and Jon had been friends and colleagues for many years while working in local (Oxfordshire) mental health services. Since the recession in 2008, commissioners for the local NHS have started to reduce the amount spent with local mental health charities, which inevitably meant services started to shrink. This has been difficult for the people who use those services, but also for those who work in them. At the same time, the reforms of social care funding taking place under the heading of 'self-directed support' seemed to be creating a range of new opportunities for people to make more choices for themselves. This was very exciting! (click here to read more)

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